Hello, I just wanted to point out some accessibility issues with Flywheel (version 5.0.6+976, but I’ve had it happen in every version I’ve used).

When setting up a site, moving around the interface with only a keyboard is near-impossible. Buttons such as ‘add site’ and ‘go back’ have hover states for the mouse, but they don’t highlight when the keyboard focuses them. Pushing tab (shown as a white right arrow in the screengrab attached) throws the focus somewhere off-screen. Accordion sections are (like advanced options) are not selectable with the keyboard alone.

Otherwise I’m liking the Flywheel beta a lot (hopefully PHP version selection is coming soon :crossed_fingers: )

Hi @reverent-furore-bund,

I totally agree! We have some work outlined for improving keyboard support and improving accessibility. Stay tuned!


That’s great to hear, looking forward to it and happy to test! :slightly_smiling_face: