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Add Feature to Group Local Sites in Nav and Quick Search Feature

Right now I have more than 50 wordpress setup in Local. It will be very nice if we have below two features:

  1. Able to Group Sites for easy management and logical separation of local sites.
  2. Simple Quick Search to find local site. Very helpful in case you have 100s of sites.

Looking forward to these feature in upcoming release. :smiley:

Please vote up!

I think these are very simple to implement and very useful for management.

Hey @azadshaikh – Grouping sites is a feature that has been implemented, but the site search feature sounds pretty cool!

Hi friends! Exciting news! This feature is available in the latest Local build. You can download it here. Local might prompt you of the new feature, but we are doing a slow roll out so it might not. But you can get the feature by downloading 6.7.0. Try it out and let us know what you think.

As far as search goes. That is not included, but is something we are considering. Try out grouping and see if it helps you get to the right place. We do understand search is very helpful, but we are holding on that at this time.

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Thank you for this change. Please do consider adding the search functionality. Some of us have 100+ sites on our list, and jumping between them several times a day. Tracking them down in the list can be time consuming / frustrating.