Ajax calls never complete

I have a custom field of type relationship (with my woocommerce products). On my hosted staging site it works as expected, i.e. it pulls all the names of my products and as I type it eliminates those that don’t match.image
On the same site hosted on local, the products list never populates. It says 'Loading" but nothing ever appears. image I think it uses ajax to grab the products, but I"m not sure.

Any suggestions for what is going on here?

OK, so I’ve noticed that my hosted site is loading post-new.php and passing my custom post type ‘type’, but the Local site isn’t; It seems to be loading load-scripts.php instead (with lots of params).

For those who stumble on this, my problem was my theme’s (empty) functions.php file having a short opening tag and the php.ini setting of short_open_tag=off. D’oh. I’m surprised this error was the only one I noticed.

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Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for following up and providing the solution!