Avoid accessing the internet (or work strictly locally with Local)

Would it be possible to create a Local version, which is truly ‘local’? That means, it doesn’t access the internet to check/download stuff?

Reason is simple: I’m quite often on the go and bound to some limited or slow (or both) data-plans. In that case I am blocking pretty much every expensive network-traffice, but allow e-mail, messaging, etc…

Using the scenario above, there are a couple of problems if I try to run Local, but also try to block Local from accessing the internet. If I do that, I run into the endless loop ‘Checking System - regenerating certificates - …’ and I must delete and re-create the certificates manually in order to use Local again.

Also, even if I don’t create any new project or change any project setting in Local (and just switch between local sites, no matter if they are running or not), Local constantly accesses the internet and downloads some Megabytes of data (in my case up to 10-12MB of data for 3 empty projects), which is pretty bad if you’re on a mobile plan (as mentioned above).

Even worse, if you try to create a new project: If I block Local (using Little Snitch or Tripmode), I run into the endless loop above again. If I don’t block Local, it downloads a couple of 100s of Megabytes and I have no way to prohibit that, except by disconnecting from the network alltogether.

So my question (or request) would be: Would it be possible to create a setting in Local, which tells Local to not use the internet at all to download stuff?

Or even more, would it be possible to define kinda ‘blueprint’ of all the componenst Local should use when creating a new project (and save these components for re-use) so that Local doesn’t need to download anything when creating a new project? (I guess this is much the same, local already does when in offline mode, but a setting for it would be pretty helpful, as this allows me to keep internet access while working with Local locally)

Any infos, tricks, tips appreciated!

Unrelated but I found running LBF without internet gives me an extremely fast environment.