Blueprints + Volumes add-on


I have base installs using the Volumes add-on to mount the plugins I am working on, and shared through all my local installs. Everything works great.

I have blueprints for those base installs, but every time I create a new install based on one of those blueprints, I lost all my Volumes settings.

Cloning an install has exactly the same effect.

It would be really good if cloning or using blueprint would keep the data related to the Volumes. Please :slight_smile: I would spend 10-15mn less everyday doing this.

Thanks a ton,

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Iā€™m also having this problem. Configuring Volumes is one of the more annoying aspects of setting up a site, since it involves entering paths, and Iā€™d hoped to avoid it by setting up the site once and cloning it. Would be fantastic if clones/blueprints could bring over Volumes as well.

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