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Bug - Create site from Backup

a strange and serious thing happened.

I made a copy of the “one-name-site” site I was working on, using not the “Clone site” option (which in the past damaged my main site), but the “backup Google drive”.

During the creation process I was asked to enter the domain name, I wrote it “two-site-name”, following the remaining steps I completed the process of creating the site copy.
Although I had indicated a new domain name “two-site-name” the site folder coincides with the main site folder which was already a “one-name-site-backup” copy.
Then, the software gave the new site name “two-site-name” but used the main site folder “one-site-namebackup”.

In this folder there are not the two folders of the two sites, but always one, but strangely it seems that they have two different databases, in fact I tried to deactivate some plugins in one and in the other they were not deactivated. What happened?

Confused, I deleted the copy site “two-site-name” from Local using right click> Delete.
This deleted the root of the site “one-name-site” !!!
But inside the application I still see the “one-name-site” site!

What is happening? I don’t want to lose my job.
Luckily, I have a backup in Google drive, but how should I proceed at this point?

I also ask you, if the Google drive site has been deleted, do the backups remain on the drive? If so, how do you manage these to reconnect them to the site I’m going to restore?

Hey @WoodyP – I’m going to spend a little more time reproducing this and getting a full bug report created.

In the meantime, I don’t think there’s a good way to re-connect a site in Local to an existing repository in the cloud. Your backups should still be intact though and you can follow the steps outlined in this help doc to manually restore any backup you have stored in the cloud:

Hey @WoodyP – I’m having trouble re-creating this exact issue - are you able to provide the Local log so I can get a little more context about what’s going on?

Additionally, if you are able to create some specific reproduction steps, that would help me get a better idea for what part of the process is broken!

One other thing to note @WoodyP – When Local deletes a site, it moves the site folder to the trash. You should be able to restore the original site by:

  1. Open the trash with finder
  2. Create a zip of the site that was deleted
  3. Drag-and-drop that zip onto Local to import it as a new site

Can you give that a shot and let me know how it goes?

No tell me how to do it.

I try to describe you.
I have seen this error happen when you create, on the same computer, a copy of the site using the backup.
The error occurred by creating the copy from the round button (+) which is at the bottom left of the vertical column.

However, it seems this error does not happen, if the copy of the site is made from the backup list in site > tools > cloud backup.

I hope it is clear.

Sure thing – here’s a screencast showing how to restore that site from the folder in the trash:

Your procedure worked, great.
However, the backups did not reconnect, probably because I gave another domain name.
This is because I still see the domain name of the site deleted with the linked backups, but there is no site folder.
To avoid mistakes I have given a new domain name.

Thanks for your video, but your described procedure was already clear.