Bug: special characters in sitename breaks MySQL-connection


Keep up the good work, Local is amazing and has eased the work as a web developer drasticly.

I found a bug. This is how i triggered it.
I created two new sites:

The domains and paths are rewritten to “meyou.local” for “Me&You”.

Both seem to work fine, but when connecting to MySQL i get an error.
I use Sequel Pro.

Error while reading connection data file
Connection data file couldn’t be read.

So it seems like there might be a problem with names containing special characters, maybe they are not sanitized enough and this affects the MySQL container(?).

Kind regards,
Robert Sæther.

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Hey Robert,

Thanks so much for the bug report!

I was able to reproduce this with the instructions you provided. I’ll make sure this is addressed sooner than later :slight_smile:

Also, we’re glad to hear Local has improved your workflow!

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Heads up, we’ve created a fix for this and it’ll be in the next update! :slight_smile: