Buttons not working: Login / view / admin / adminer buttons don't work

hi, I’m new to flywheel, just installed it, looks nice, made a site. But some of the buttons just don’t react to a click in the interface.
these buttons as below in the mage

and this login button doesn’t do anything when clicked:

The testsite is working though when i go manually tot the local link. But this way I can not edit the DB or login to flywheel.

Thanks for a possible ideas about the problem

(running on windows 10 pro 1903 18362.267 - version of flywheel: 3.3.0 )

No worries, i restarted my pc and restarted flywheel, no all the buttons work… don’t know what caused the problem at first. But everything working nicely now. Thanks for the nice system!

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