Can the "Add New Site" content be manipulated using the content hooks or actions?

Looking through the documentation. There wasn’t a hook that jumped out at me to manipulate the form fields for a new site.

I have an addon that I have created and have been able to successfully add fields to a new section within a given site. But I also want the ability to add new fields during the new site setup process.

Either of the 3 steps are fine for this addon actually (Setup Site, Setup Env, Setup WordPress) preferably within the advanced section of one of them. Is there an example of this? Or is that something that isn’t available at this time as I have not seen another addon accomplish this

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Thanks for taking a shot at creating an addon, and for providing this feedback @aware!

We don’t have any hooks for those sections currently, but this is a great idea and I’ve created this feature request to help get this on the roadmap:

I am also working on an add-on that I would really like this for.

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