Can't "view site" on .local address using windows 10

When i click on view site, nothing appears…
If i use “live link” everything is ok.

My colleagues don’t have any problems, they’re on MacOS and Linux
Any idea what could go wrong?

Thank you !

Same to me.
Windows 10 1909
Since yesterday everything worked fine, but from today (I’m using Local 3.3.0) if I try to open my .local sites it shows only a blank page and nothing opens.
In my local enviroment my sites are ALL untrusted.
If I try to open adding https:// protocol then works but I don’t want to force with ssl at the moment so I don’t understand why with http protocol doesn’t works.
A little workaround seems to open admin wp page with https and then reopen the site without https but after a turn off/on of Local same issue…
I tried to restart local machine and update VirtualBox but the behaviour it’s the same. Sorry for errors but italian is my native language. Thanks in advance, J
PS Tried with Firefox, Edge, IE…

I was able to fix my problem by adding this to functions.php

add_action('init', 'do_output_buffer');
function do_output_buffer() { ob_start(); }

I hope this helps

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