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Connect to any host that offers SSH, or maybe even just FTP with a PHP script for the db

For $20/month, you’d have to replace MAMP, which has a WordPress push to server function that works with most hosts and only costs $50 every year or two for an upgrade, and allow me to push to the various places my clients have sites, like Cloudways, Siteground, Dreamhost, Bluehost, Godaddy…

Local has a severe limitation where you can’t access Adminer after you launch a few sites. In other ways, Local is a nicer experience than MAMAP, but $20/mo and no ability to use other hosts? Maybe that makes sense for agencies that are built entirely on Flywheel, but it’s not a general-purpose tool.

I completely agree. Connection via SSH should be the default. If specific hosts are going to be supported, it should be to offer enhanced functionality/ease of use over SSH.


+1 from me on that

Just installed the Free version yesterday and it works great! But I have to agree with what’s written above, I couldn’t justify the cost of paying for the pro version when I can’t use the full functionality of the app with a host of my choice.

+1 from me on that too!

+1 SSH should be default.

+1 from me on that

Using Connect to Flywheel or WP Engine was always free, but now all the former Pro features are free for everyone!

It can be hard to solve for all the different infrastructures. Most of the hosts you mention here seem like “shared hosting” providers as opposed to “Managed WordPress hosting” – is that true?

The reason I ask is that typically that means that you’ll be including a number of plugins to do the things that a managed host would do for you. This includes things like taking backups (BackWPup, Vaultpress, etc) caching (WP Rocket, W3TotalCache), etc…

When using those kinds of plugins, there are likely a number of follow-up workflow tasks during deployment (like clearing cache). Can you describe in a little more detail what your current process is? I’d love to hear more – Does Mamp just handle all aspects of deployment for you or are there places where you still have manual processes?

That sounds like it might be a bug. Can you create a new topic in the support channel and provide a few more details around how to replicate?

Some details to include:

  • What version of Local are you using?
  • What Operating System and OS version is being used?
  • Include the Local Log. See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:
  • If you are able to record a screencast of the issue, that goes a long way towards others being able to see and replicate what you are experiencing.


It is good if you are letting Flywheel customers push to Flywheel staging using Flywheel’s tool without charging an extra $240/year.

It can be hard to solve for all the different infrastructures…

It could be as simple as copy the files and database, replace the site URL, and done. Just like it already does with Flywheel. (This wouldn’t make it worth $20/month, but it would potentially make it worth paying something for.)

You can’t access Adminer after you launch a few sites.

This is a known bug. I’m sure it will be fixed at some point.

@swinggraphics I’m not on Flywheel hosting and I use WP Migrate DB Pro. It’s awesome but you will also see that it’s more complicated than you think and a solution that is more or less seamless costs $$.

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The extra complexity I’m saying isn’t necessary is the additional steps Ben was asking about (backup and caching settings, etc) post-push. And I’m saying that I would pay if push to other servers were built in. (Still not $20/mo, but $50 or $60/year, maybe even $99.)

Ideally push/pull access could, and probably should, be written as an extension.

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+1, FTP would be amazing! :pray:t3:

Does anyone know if a Local Add-On could be created to do this?

@ben.turner shouldn’t this be possible via an extension??

Could not agree more.
On paper, it’s stupidly simple - but in reality, each host can require tweaks to the profiles before it will consistently work.

Once it’s setup though; it runs like a dream…just slow on the sites we’ve tested.

I would pay for pro version but since it only supports 2 hosting providers its kinda limited to what you want to do and some clients have their own hosting providers in place already so that is the limitation apart still installing and ftp site manually could connect directly to host an upload

Almost, but not quite. I don’t think Local core has all the necessary hooks available for Add-ons to be able to implement a Connection, though we do want to continue improving the Add-on experience to make something like this more attainable.

Under the hood this feature request would be most similar to how Connect to WPE works, so that’s a plus. As others have mentioned though, it’s “easy” on paper, but covering all the edge cases for remote environments can be hard.

@ben.turner there’s clearly a benefit to having all the necessary hooks in Local as this would put more onus on providers to help create a solution.

Unless you guys want to do everything :rofl: :rofl: