DNS Resolution Failure Win 10, default install. Cannot access admin or site via domain name

Hello. New local by Flywheel installation: v2.4.6 on Win10, accepted all defaults.

Cannot open the admin panel or site using the domain name. Error message (Firefox): Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

Can open site via IP address. Win10 hosts file looks right.

Cannot ping domain from host or guest but can ping IP address from host and guest.

Rebooted guest and host. Still no love.

Default browser is Firefox. Same results with IE and edge.

Note: I already had VirtualBox installed. Currently running Version 5.2.20 r125813 (Qt5.6.2) which is not the latest but still pretty recent.

What log files, etc. should I provide to receive assistance?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!