Does Removing a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox Result in Loosing Databases?


I was trying to trouble shoot Local when it wasn’t starting and I removed something in VirtualBox.

Does this mean that I also deleted the databases of the sites I had setup in Local?

Hope not, but I’m guessing so.


Hey Zac,

Sorry for the hiccup! Removing the VirtualBox machine removes the database(s).

With that said, Local will automatically back up the database to the site’s /app/public folder every time the site is stopped. You can use the SQL files in that directory to get the site up and running again.

Hey - looks like I stumbled into the same problem. I updated Virtual Box and both my sites containers were gone. Then I deleted the sites (I do have a back up of them) to see if I could import them back in. Any way I could get some help on restoring these backups? Thanks!

full disclosure - I am a bit of wordpress novice!


  • Chris

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the trouble!

Please see How can I restore a site from a Local site folder?

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