Erorr command failed

Hello I got problem with create local site
Can you help me solve it ?

Hey @xdorax, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

It looks like the issue is that the special characters within the username (note the í in Katarína)

MySQL on Windows has a known bug that doesn’t allow those special characters to work:

The above link should help clarify the issue as well as point you to ways to work around it.

Thank you for you answer. But I dont think that it is problem. I reinstal it, and change folder for it.

Yeah, it’s definitely the same error as what is linked above. See this error:

OS errno 2 - No such file or directory

Note that it’s trying to create a directory on the C:\ drive within the user’s directory but it can’t.

This is because of the way that Windows handles file and folder names – there’s no way for it to resolve the special characters correctly so that MySQL can create the actual database files on disk.

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