Error creating machine

Yes thank you, I ended up updating VB and the virtual machine and LOCAL started, finally.
I used that startup sudo command.

Here is my log file @clay

When my machine was not starting (aka stuck in the 'starting machine" screen ) , I 1. copied the data of the current sites. Reinstalled Local, Reinstalled an older version of Virtual BOX, deleted, reinstalled newest version of VB, and flywheel, and my virtual machine starts and the Local dashboard is running, but I can not start any of my sites.

It says

" Your wp-config.php file has an empty database table prefix, which is not supported."

I have checked the “wp-config.php” file and confirmed the $table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

I have the “Local Sites” files loaded into the root folder on my HDD as deafault. I copied the existing sites and then replaced and renamed them when I reinstalled Local by Flywheel.

Any Ideas on how to start my local sites? I need to be able to somehow work on at least one of them in the meantime!