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Error establishing a database connection - After a reboot

After a sudden restart of my laptop due to battery, I encounter this problem on the site I was working on.

“Error establishing a database connection”

On “Local” I have a total of three sites, one is the site I’m working on and the other two are tests that were not active.
After the sudden reboot, the main site seems to no longer connect to the database, while the other two Test sites, if you activate them, connect and work.

Useful data
MacBook Pro computer, macOS Bigsure v.11.5.2

What happened as I solve?
Thank you

I used the site clone feature, the site was copied and the database is working and connected.
So what happens to the site I was working on because it doesn’t connect to its database?
Do you think there was a permissions problem or something?
Thank you

It’s hard to know exactly what happened. More than likely the reboot made the connection to the original site corrupted and cloning to a new site created a new connection.

You should be able to delete that original site if the newly created one is working.

the copy is working correctly.
I love Local! even though she gave me a good scare.
But luckily the Clone feature saved me!

Thank you

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