ERROR in Add New Theme on 2.1.1

I’m starting to wish I had NOT upgrade from 2.0.8 to 2.1.1. - has this release even been tested? After my sites no longer working nor my blueprints working, I realize that even when creating a new site from scratch I get the following error when going to Appearance - Themes → ADD NEW


Can you share the details of this site’s environment? Is it using the “Preferred” or “Custom” environment? If it’s using the “Custom” environment, what web server and PHP version did you select?

Also, please check the logs folder for this site.

I ended up uninstalling LOCAL completely AND the VirtualBox update I had downloaded previously. I then restarted and did a fresh install which resolved this particular problem. I notice however that installing plugins seems much slower than it was on 2.0.8

Is Faster Docker Volumes enabled under Settings » Advanced?

Yes, first thing I enabled!


If you’re seeing a speed difference between 2.0.8 and 2.1.1 with Faster Docker Volumes the same, then it’s most likely coincidence and probably caused by other things like system resources or the size of the plugins.

One thing you try is restarting your computer to free up your RAM/CPU.