Error installing on W7

Tried installing v2 after fully un-installing 1.4.5 (Windows-7)
But it would not install, back to issues with the powershell (mentioned in error!)
TIA, Dave

I see 2.01 came out - no mention of my issue in the change log and no reply to my report…
Sorry to say a bit disappointed :frowning:

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

When you search for PowerShell using the Start Menu, is it available? If not, please see … We’ll look into a fix if this is widespread.

Also, are you running Local in a non-administrative account by chance?

Yes Powershell is available.
And yes I run all installers as an admin
I will be in a position to test on a Windows 10 PC in a few days…
TIA, Dave