Error messages with certain plugins

I’m getting a few error messages with plugins. If I load one plugin and try and open an account by clicking from the plugin from my dashboard, I get “cURL failed with error #60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”. I know it’s something to do with local hosting, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I’ve read a few different things but I’m still a bit confused as I’m a newb to WP.

I also cannot add Google Analytics as it will just tell me when I try to activate:
"Your site may not be ready for Site Kit

Looks like your site is having a technical issue with requesting data from Google services.
To get more help, ask a question on our support forum and include the text of the original error message:

Any ways around these issues?


@elliottmangham I know you had some similar issues, are you able to help me? I’m not able to contact you directly.

Hey @metrodynamo I am not sure about some of the other issues, but the SSL issue I was able to find a workaround here:- SSL certificate problem on Windows

I really hope this helps!


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