Error setting up new install: fork/exec /usr/sbin/iptables: cannot allocate memory

I successfully installed about 20 sites but now I get an error every time: http error 500 server error driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint … fork/exec /usr/sbin/iptables: cannot allocate memory. Anyone experience anything like this?

Hi Laura,

Sorry for the trouble!

Where are you seeing this error? Can you please screenshot it when you run into it next time?

Also, are all of the sites running or just a handful? If a more than 5 are running at the same time I would try stopping them (click on the green dot beside the site) before creating new sites.

I was running more than a handful at the same time. Since I stopped doing that, I have not received that error. If I do receive it again, I’ll send you a screenshot. In general, outside of creating new sites, should I worry about keeping too many sites running at the same time?