Error when importing a site running wordpress 5.2

I am using local flywheel 3.2.1. When I import a website with Wordpress 5.11, works perfectly. When I import a site with Wordpress 5.2 or 5.2.1, I get ‘The site is experiencing technical difficulties.’ when trying to view the site or admin login. Not sure what to check to troubleshoot.

@debarham Sorry to hear about the troubles. Initially, it doesn’t sound like its an issue with Local but maybe an issue with the site itself. Have you tried debugging the site? Here is a great article for debugging issues in Wordpress: Let us know how that goes.

If you are still having issues could you can post some screenshots and/or log files as that will help further debug the issue.

That message is part of WP 5.2 WSOD protection. Use Local’s Mailhog to see an email to the admin user.