Experiment.php not opening

can’t open the amazing-college.local/experiment.php

Hello there!! I 've been trying since yesterday to deal with the exact same thing…can’t find a solution up to this moment… Did you figure out what is wrong with that? I would really appreciate If you could give me a helping hand here…I am really frustrated. Thank you!

Hi @GSQureshi and @Laura_ior,

Can you both please provide more details and screenshots (or better yet, a screencast using something like Loom.com) of the issue(s) you’re encountering?

@Laura_ior Did you learn from that 3hour long tutorial on Youtube. I started learning wordpress development from that video and I’m stuck in the same place. The php code I wrote in experiment.php is not displayed in the browser although I’m using the same text editor, saving the php file in the same directory.