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Getting a dump error every time I shut down a site

When I shut down almost all my sites, I get a error dumping the database:

Uh-oh! Local ran into an issue while dumping database to the site’s “app/sql” directory.

Please check the local-by-flywheel.log file for more details.

Any way to fix this?

Hey Mike,

What version of local are you on and on what system?
I got this in older versions the latest 2.2.1 seems to fix it on my system :slight_smile:

I’m on 2.1.2. Will try 2.2.1 and see what happens. Thought I was up to date but looks like the updater notifications are not working.

You can find the new version here: :slight_smile:
Local by Flywheel 2.2.1 (Pre-release)

It is not in the updater because of it being a pre release :slight_smile:

Now I get a different error:
Uh-oh! Local ran into an issue while backing up 's database to the site’s “app/sql” directory. Any suggestions?


Sorry for late reply can you do the following :
and then upload the log file here.