Getting rid of a noob doubt: could local changes affect remote production website, in some cases?


I always make a local copy from production website, when providing technical assistance on various WP websites,.

Recently, I started using Local by Flywheel.

Just a couple of times, I stumbled in errors of the same kind, happening on production websites only at the same time I was working on the local copy, i.e.:

  • mysqli_query(): MySQL server has gone away …
  • Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ …

I double checked wp-config.php to ensure it was not messing with a remote connection.

Also, I think that a remote Database wouldn’t accept any kind of request, if coming from a local, unauthenticated client.

Anyway, could a custom plugin or php template with a hard coded remote query make changes on the production copy, so creating issues right there? I would like to get rid of any doubt.

Thanks in advance!