Hi everyone I'm new here

Just introducing myself, I’m new on this platform so… My name is Andrew Zeegers, from the Netherlands, I’m a webdesigner, an artist, a cook (haha the cook the thief the wife and her lover (remember the movie?) except, the wife.

I am here to learn about Flywheel and become a reseller and grow so unbelievably filthy rich … (because I have to pay off my yaught…) and at the same time make other people happy…



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Hey Andrew! Welcome to the Local life - hope you’re enjoying using it for your local development work.

If you’re looking for more information on becoming a reseller, you can reach out to learn more anytime at https://getflywheel.com/referrals/.

Or, if you’re interested in straight reselling hosting, have you looked into White Label https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/how-do-i-get-started-with-white-label/?

Looking forward to seeing you grow unbelievably rich and pay off that yaught!