Hi everyone

Hi ,i have this problem ,with this error
Uh-Oh ! Unable to provision site.

I can’t connect to mysqld ,can you help me ,what must i do ???


Do you have any antivirus, security, or firewall applications that could be blocking Local?

More details about troubleshooting this here: Router Mode

If you’re still having trouble can you share a copy of your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

No i don’t have any anti virus,and yes i have wondows firewall but i have allowed Local wp

Hi @armenduksmajli - welcome to the community & thank you for the question!

I see you let Nick know you allowed Local wp on your computer, have you taken a look at this forum thread about antivirus / firewall?

Let me know if this helps,


Can help me anyone ,how to fix this problem (p.s I dont have any antivirus )

I suspect your Windows username might be the issue here.

i cant find my problem with this answer

Based on what is covered in that thread, if your Windows username is “Maintenant prêt” per your screenshot, the second last character may be the cause of the issue that you’re running into with Local.

Do u know how to delete this “ê” because this can be a problem what can i see in your team reply

I change my user name but in the error i can see “maintetat prêt” back what can i do more ,seriosly i dont know how to fix it ,with this problem im in my laptop sinc 6pm and nothing its done !

Here is another error but here i cant see that is for “ê” but cant connect to mysql

If you look in that thread, the issue derives from the user directory name, which is based on the username. You said that you changed the username, but in each of the screenshots, the directory name still contains the extended character (C:\Users\Maintetat prêt). Changing that directory name could have unintended consequences as other software is dependent upon it, so be very careful doing so. The thread has suggestions from people who have addressed the issue: Unable to provision site due to special characters in Windows username - #52 by dev_dignamik

You could also try changing the Sites Path in the Local settings to a directory that doesn’t contain an extended character. Unable to provision site due to special characters in Windows username - #37 by ben.turner

I’m not a support agent here, just another Local user. I haven’t had this issue, so everything I’m saying is repeated from the thread that I linked to.

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