How do I enable innodb_force_recovery?

Hi Clay
I left my site working two days ago and came back this morning to get this message;
Error establishing a database connection
Stopped and restarted local several times.
I tried restarting MySQL from Site SSH and I got this;
MySQL Community Server 5.6.36 did not start.
Local log file Says
Jul 29, 2017, 10:07 AM PDT - info: [main/index] Existing Pressmatic data does not exist.
I am suspecting a data base corruption due to improper shutdown, and want to try use innodb_force_recovery = 1
In case you think this can be the case, how do I access MySQL config?
Or, do you have different thoughts on this?

Link to Flywheel log file
I am using Local version 2-0-6 on windows 10
PHP Version 7.0.3
The site is 5 pages only.

Hi Bisher,

If you’re on Preferred you can access the MySQL configuration to add innodb_force_recovery by doing the following:

  1. Right-click on the site in the Local sidebar
  2. Go to “Open Site SSH”
  3. Edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf using nano or your preferred Terminal text editor
  4. Restart the site in Local

If you’re using Custom, you can simply browse to the conf/mysql directory under the site and edit the my.cnf file. Then, restart the site.

Thank You, Clay for your reply,
I’m using PowerShell on Windows10, Can You direct me to the right command from there?.
I have no developer background.