How do I enable php-intl on Local?

With all the requests I have made about Intl to add it to Local I can only put a big +1

Hi @clay I would also appreciate a doc about how to add INTL on a mac. Any idea when you could create that?

@clay @keegan
Another +1 for some documentation on how to do this on macOS. It looks like many folks are struggling with this issue, and this is the page that Google brings up when researching the issue.

Hey @clay , any news on this ? Could you share the steps for macos ? Thank you

add + 1 here… for some reason i’m interested in a mac doc too :slight_smile:

@clay (or anyone from the team): it would be reallyreally appreciated if there was at least a sign, that you read the messages and ideally an indication when something could be expected. I love local and it would be shame if i had to look for an alternative if intl couldnt be installed on a mac.

Same problem here. I thought I’d give local a try for my local development.

The first site created, the first site needs intl extension, the first site failed to set up on local. A bit sad especially other than that it works well. I hope someone can at least give us some directions of how to do it manually on Mac :confused:

any news for a how to for mac os ?

Another +1 for progress on this. @clay (or anyone from the team): any news?

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience with this!

I wish I had a solution for you right now, but I’ve been cracking at this for a bit now and haven’t been able to get the intl extension to build for MacOS. From what I can tell, it seems like intl is no longer compiled as a separate extension, and instead, needs to be compiled when building php itself.

I’m working with the Local team to get this extension compiled when building PHP itself, but I don’t have an exact time for when this will be ready.

If anyone is curious about the general workflow for what was tried, here we go:

  1. Right-click on the site you wish to install the extension for and “Open Site Shell.”

  2. Download and untar extension from PECL -

  3. Change to the extension directory

    cd ~/Downloads/intl-3.0.0/intl-3.0.0
  4. Update prefix in phpize and php-config to point to the php that is bundled with Local. This path would look something like:

  5. Run phpize

  6. Run ./configure

    • Check for missing dependencies.
    • This seemed to be fixed with brew install intltool icu4c gettext
    • Then adding echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/icu4c/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc this to the shell environment
  7. Run make, which results in errors similar to: PHP :: Bug #72879 :: Pecl install intl make error with PHP 7.0.8

From here, I went to see what others in the space are doing, and at least with Homebrew’s php@7.4 formula, they are compiling php with a specific extension:


Thanks for the update, @ben.turner!

It’s a bummer to hear it’s a rather complicated process. Please post if you’re able to even find a workaround such as directing Local to use a compiled version of PHP with Intl included.

Looking forward to further updates as they come in!


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+1 to see if there’s any update on how to enable Intl extension on mac?

With latest Wordpress is even flagged in the Site Health screen - Screenshot by Lightshot

+1 for Mac

I didn’t see an existing feature request (my apologies if I missed it), so I went ahead and created one here. Compile PHP with the `intl` extension. This will allow the community to upvote for it.

That said, it is clear this is important to a large number of users. I will work on getting this prioritized with the development team.

my folder is /Users//Library/Application\ Support/Local/lightning-services/php-7.3.5+11/bin/darwin/
but when run phpize /Users/
*/Library/Application\ Support/Local/lightning-services/php-7.3.5+11/bin/darwin/ view this error:
Cannot find build files at ‘/Users/runner/work/_temp/local-lightning-php/php-7.3.5/build/lib/php/build’. Please check your PHP installation.

It’s because your machine likely doesn’t have the same folder structure as our build machine – note the url that was mentioned:


In any case, we recently improved our PHP lighting services and included the intl extension. See the solved feature request for more details:

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