How to access a zip file created by WP CLI MU-Migration through the local.flywheel console

I’m trying to migrate a site on my with the MU-Migration package for WP-CLI. I’m able to SSH into the site, install the MU-Migration package and use the command “wp mu-migration export all --plugins --themes --uploads” to generate a However, how can I access once it has been created?

Likewise, once I’m able to access, how can I use the following commands to “wp mu-migration import all” to push to another local.flywheel site, a multisite? Thank you.

MU-Migration link

Hey @bresson

One thing to keep in mind – when you ssh into the container, you are at the root "/" but the actual site is at /app/public. Because of this, if you run that command right after ssh’ing into the site, it will be at / within the container.

To access it from the host (your laptop) you need to move it to the site root.

I usually will change to the site root right after ssh’ing into the container so that things I do are readily available on the host machine. That looks something like:

# ssh into container
cd /app/public
wp db export

I haven’t personally used the MU-Migration package, but to use that zip in another multisite, you’ll have to move it to the site root of the second site from the host machine, and then import it from within the container of the second site.

As an example (I haven’t tried it, but this is the gist)

Given 2 multisites site1 and site2 we would do something like:

SSH into site1

cd /app/public
wp mu-migration export all --plugins --themes --uploads

On host machine, with default folder structure

cp ~/Local\ Sites/site1/public/ ~/Local\ Sites/site2/public/ 

SSH into site2

cd /app/public
wp mu-migration import all
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Thank you - I’ll give it a shot.