How to ignore certain folders from pull and push in WPEngine?

WPEngine support confirmed that .wpe-push-ignore and .wpe-pull ignore will work for directly pushing/pulling between WPEngine and Local.

Local’s integration with WP Engine was built on top of devkit, so most of the rules still apply, including ignore files. See this helpful WPE documentation on excluding files from push or pull.

Check your local site files first. They are probably already there.

Sites pulled in Local automatically create the .wpe-pull-ignore and .wpe-push-ignore files with default settings. Locate the file in your site directory – typically in ../your-site/app/public.

Note: If you don’t immediately see it there, make sure you can see hidden file types, which are not displayed by default in your computer folders. The push and pull ignore files are hidden file types, which basically includes any file or folder whose filename begins with a period.

A quick Google search will tell you how to show hidden file (the article linked above also has info for this):