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I can't find my local sites

I updated to the newest local version but can’t find my local sites. The old local doesn’t open so I have no way of getting them back. What do I do?

Hi Nanette,

Sorry for the trouble!

The best course of action is to troubleshoot Local by Flywheel so you can import your sites into the Local Lightning beta.

Can you try opening Local by Flywheel and provide details of what’s happening or where you’re getting stuck? Also, can you provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See How do I retrieve Local's log file? for instructions on how to do so.

Hmmmm they sent me here

I can’t open it to get to my log files The new local version shows nothing


Are you running Local on macOS or Windows?

When you open Local by Flywheel (not Local), what happens? Does it get stuck on “Checking System…” or does the window simply not open? Is there anything you can provide a screenshot of?

I am using windows

Yes I will provide a screen shot of the older version

Got it, thanks for the screenshot!

Please try the steps here: How can I manually update VirtualBox?

ok doing it now

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local is trying to open

Great. Is it on the “Starting Machine…” step or “Checking System…” step?

starting but nothing is happening


Aha, can you try closing VirtualBox and then open “Local by Flywheel”?

Thanks for hanging in there! It looks like we’re getting closer.

Okay doing it now

got the same error

The drivers for VirtualBox may not be fully initialized after upgrading VirtualBox. Can you please restart your PC and then re-open Local again?

okay I will

I’m back now will try to open local again