Images failing to display on Live Link due to ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION error


I’m working on a local site which I’m building with the Genesis framework and Beaver Builder, and I’ve hit an issue where the images on the page don’t load if I open the site using Local’s ‘Live Link’ on a different device (I’ve tried my MacBook, iPad and iPhone and it affects all of them).

The images do show up successfully if I use the Live Link on the machine that Local is installed on - it’s only when using that same Live Link on other devices that the images fail to load.

I had a dig for related threads for ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION in the forum, but I doesn’t look like this particular issue has come up so far. The Live Link itself is working fine - it’s specifically just these images that are throwing an error on the page.

Do you have any ideas what could be causing it? I see that changes to the hosts file have been discussed in other threads - but this wouldn’t be appropriate in this case, as I need clients to be able to use the Live Link and see the page as I’ve designed it (i.e. with images displayed) - without having to make any changes to their technical configuration.

Thanks in advance

The Live Link to the page is:

same problem here.

What’s causing this ? Need to solve this asap. Thanks!

I found a solution in the end - fortunately my hosting company was able to help do some more investigation and they figured it out. It doesn’t seem to be specific to LbF’s Live Link - I usually get the same issue (and use the same fix) if I move a dev build into production for example.

It’s to do the Beaver Builder cache - it seems that this needs to be cleared in order for the images to show up, otherwise the ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION error is seen.

To clear the cache, go to wp-content > uploads > bb-plugin > cache and rename that directory to e.g. cache_old - then just do a full refresh of the browser (Cmd + Shift + R on Mac rather than just Cmd + R) that was having the problem, and the images should then show up. (Note: Beaver Builder creates a new cache directory automatically at this point - which you would rename again if you needed to repeat this at some stage in future.)

Give that a whirl?

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thanks for the response…
The thing is, I am not building it with BB.

It’s a simple site with the Avada Theme.