Imagick still missing - plugins unable to run

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Absence of Imagick causing plugin issues.

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As everyone is aware by now, Imagick is still NOT included in php 8.x for Local. I have come across a few major plugins, the most prominent being Imagify which no longer work on a local site due to the missing library.

Downgrading to PHP 7.x or below is not an option, and other posts on this forum are either outdated or do not provide a working answer. I’ve tried adding the Imagick dll manually, but to no avail.

Developers, please tell me if there is a reliable way to install/enable imagick for PHP 8.x

Ok, what does your reply tell me?

Hi @hewe -

I’m going to recategorize this post as a Feature request so we can discuss it during our next forums review with the Local engineering team.

I’ll circle back to this soon. Thank you!


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