Installed Local and lost Ethernet and WiFi adapters

I installed local on flywheel and it asked me to turn on VT-T in the bios. I did and installed local. After install I lost all my network adapters and only have the vertical box.


Click with the right mouse button on the Network list and check to see the disabled ones. They might have only been disabled. Weird tough, as this behavior is not common…

If you use a cable, you can try to unplug and plug it again so the system detects an connection attempt and creates a new Adapter.
As for Wifi, if it’s a laptop, try to disable wifi and enable it again (most likely there’s a button for that, or combination with “Fn”),
If it’s a desktop computer, just try to connect through the Windows interface, or if it isn’t available, you might be using a custom driver from a dongle or USB antenna, you’ll have to search for the application that comes with it to enable it and try to connect, creating a new adapter.

If none of this worked, try to disable those VirtualBox adapters to see if there was any problem and Windows is thinking those are your adapters instead of VirtualBox’s.

Windows creates new adapters for connections attempted that does not have adapters created.