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Is My Local Broke?

Don’t know why, but, for whatever reason, it seems to take more than 4 hours to download a simple WP site from my server (Panthur Pty Ltd) and then I keep getting an error or fault or not the website front page I’ve been working on live onsite.

In fact now, I just keep getting the loading circle and “installing wordpress” notice which has been going on now for 45 minutes.

The settings seem right, WP Username, WP Password, PHP version, Apache version, all good, just not wanting to play.

Does the free version only allow one localhost website?

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when adding a new site i also get the message: “Adding WordPress…” and nothing is happening at all. I cant add new sites due to that problem and i already reinstalled everything. Happened after updating to 5.10.5+5403 for me.

Maybe rename the topic so that it gets more attention from other users, since i found no topic stating this issue directly in the title. I would suggest to name it “Stucking at Adding WordPress/InstallingWordPress”

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Hey @psaikoheiko good to know this happened after WP updates. I can’t actually edit the Topic title, so I’ll make another with exact problem.

Local allows you to create any number of WordPress sites, so there’s no limit in that regard.

Are you able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local?

For importing a site that already exists remotely, how are you doing that? Depending on the remote hosting provider and the size of the site, it can take a long time.

If it is a simple site, you might check to see if there are any files or folders on the remote server that are taking up a lot of space and making the backup quite large.

@SJR and @psaikoheiko

Can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

Hi @ben.turner, thanks for replying.

I’ll try that later today.

I’ll take you through my process/steps when using Local, via images, so you can see how I get on. Maybe it’s the same with @psaikoheiko

Like this …

The site is actually quite small. Less than 10 MB. It’s a new site with one front page. A teaser.

Yep, log uploaded.

local-lightning.log (87.8 KB)

Hope this helps cos I think Local is brilliant.

Thanks for those details @SJR – that really helps me zero in on what’s going on!

Because Local is a tool for quickly creating sandbox environments to work with WordPress sites, that “plus” button is actually just creating a new, plain WordPress site. This new site is using the latest version of WordPress, along with the default theme and the user that was specified during the create site process.

In order to import an existing site, you’ll need to somehow download a backup of the remote site and import it into Local.

For sites that are hosted at WP Engine or Flywheel, you can use Connect to make that process of pulling a site down easy. For other hosting providers, you’ll have to create a backup somehow using a plugin, or maybe tool that the provider offers.

From there, Local is pretty good about knowing what to do. Most of the time it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the zip backup onto Local which will prompt you for details of the environment.

For more info on the general process of importing a site into Local, see:

Hi @ben.turner, thanks for that reply. I understand.
Question: I have tried adding a backup of a website, ZIP 'ed and the returning error was that the MySQL database could not be found or added to the local install.
That was probably my issue as I had not added the backed up MySQL data into the ZIP file that had all the files from the WP website backup.

So my question is, I should add the MySQL export file in with the WP files and ZIP them all so that Local can use one ZIP file as the install unit.

Would that be right?

That’s about right. You’ll want to unzip everything and then zip the db dump along with the site files because Local doesn’t recursively unzip things.

Thanks @ben.turner will have a shot at that. Cheers.