Is the username I chose important?

Quick question. When making a local site, it asked me for a wordpress username email and password. I typed what I use if - is allowed, Azpher-Omega. However, when setting up a account, I noticed the - isn’t allowed, so my name is AzpherOmega. Oops? Is that mismatch bad?

I’m a complete beginner and only 2 days into making a site, so if I have to restart and make it so the info matches, so be it. But does it actually matter?

It seems silly Local would allow my name to be something that cannot be a wordpress username so I figure it’s just a dummy account for the sake of filling in the info. That, or the account has nothing to do with the website account.

I’d just hate to get my site perfect and then be screwed over by a single - !

The username can be anything for the local site. It has no connection whatsoever to

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