Issue Macbook M2 after Duplicator import


After ‘deploying’ a new local instance on my M2 Macbook Air, installing the Duplicator plugin, and attempting to import a ZIP archive created with Duplicator (it fails, should have known), my entire Macbook is freaking out (WhatsApp for web keeps logging out, my browser history gets removed out of nowhere, apps are reset, light/dark modes are messed up, it’s one big mess).

What could have caused it? Does anyone have similar experiences?

Hi @Jan-Hein

As far as Local goes, if you’re using the Apple Silicon version this requires Rosetta to be downloaded as well. If you’ve already got this installed on your Mac then you should be good to go continuing with Local. The things you’re describing sound like maybe your machine is having other issues with updates, a security breach or some other system problem.

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