Issues with 5.9.8. so far

Issues I encountered since upgrade from 3.3.0 to 5.9.8:

  • It seems to use apache port 80 by default now, so I can’t have my normal wamp server active at the same time. Most of us are using another server, for non-wordpress sites, and this needs to be fixed. 3.3.0 works fine along my other server.
  • Old and new Local keep rewriting each other hosts file lines, so I can’t have both of them active at the same time either
  • Trusting a certificate does nothing on Edge, and the sites are not accessible at all.
  • Exporting a site is broken. Exporting from 3.3.0 and importing to 5.9.8 works fine. Exporting same site from 5.9.8 and importing to another 5.9.8 says “duplicate primary key” for half of the database tables.

Local 5.9.8.+5191
Windows 10 Pro 1909

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