Japanese email messages are transformed on MailHog

I use Local by Flywheel 3.0.4 on macOS Mojave in Japanese environment.

Local by Flywheel works almost fine, but Mojibake (character transformed) occurs on every email which are received on MailHog UI. Changing browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) doesn’t help.

Is there any workaround? Thank you

Hey @deinonychus! First off sorry to hear about the MailHog issues, secondly welcome to the Community! We’re glad to have you here.

We checked and it appears that we’re using the most recent version of MailHog (1.0.0)

We recommend filing an issue with MailHog over here


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Hi, that’s because of wp mutibyte patch.
Solution is in this blog post. https://www.tecking.org/archives/5868


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Nathan and fumikito, thank you for replay, and sorry for my slow response.

It fixed!
I changed WP Multibyte Patch settings as the page which fumikito shared instructs, character transforms are gone!

Thank you very much.

fumikitoさんがシェアされたページのとおりにWP Multibyte Patchの設定を書き換えたら文字化け直りました。ありがとうございました。

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