Keep getting redirected to original site

I installed and used Local for the first time - I wanted to test out PHP 7 and saw a Youtube video. I’ve done all the steps correctly (I think)… however, after I “restored” my site in Local with Updraft, it booted me out.

Now, I hit the ADMIN button but I keep getting redirected to the original domain and url instead of local.
lil-memories-test.local just redirects to the actual site, now matter how I try? :neutral_face:

I tried restoring another site with updraft plus. The same thing happened… at the end of the restore it said “session expired” and asked me to login.

Any help or tutorials for newbs?

Hey @Digitallysound – Welcome to the community, and thanks for your patience with me getting a response to you!

I haven’t ever taken a close look at the backup file that Updraft creates. What kind of a file is it, and if you extract it, what does it contain?

Often times when I’ve encountered redirect issues with Local environments to production ones, it boils down to a couple of things. So you might explore:

  • Are there any page builder plugins being used?
  • Are there any redirect plugins that are being used?
  • Any plugins that force HTTPS?

One final thing you might try is to create a backup of the site using a different plugin like BackWPUp, and see if the backup file it creates has better luck importing into Local.