Linking template and demo sites created in LOCAL to my main Flywheel website


I would like to create links on my main Flywheel website to template websites on LOCAL (for clients to choose from) and to create demo websites as part of my portfolio. I am just starting out and only have one client website to show off (that I built for free to build my portfolio).

Could I use LOCAL to link to my demo websites/templates or would the links expire?

Thank you

Hi Russell,

Rock on!

The best way to show them to your client at this time is to create a demo site through Flywheel and then upload the Local site to that demo site.

After creating the demo site, the easiest way to get it online is to export the site from Local (right-click on it and go to Export) and provide the zip to and we’ll get it live.

If you want a more hands-on approach, I recommend @joshcollinsworth’s guide here: Once finished developing locally, what are the steps to replace the current live site on Flywheel?

In the coming weeks, we’re going to be releasing “Connect to Flywheel” which will allow you to push and pull your site from Flywheel with a few clicks. :slight_smile:

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