Local Beta 5.2.0

Download Local Beta 5.2.0:

Automatic error reporting is always enabled with Local Beta to help ensure a successful beta.

What’s New in Local Beta 5.2.0

Custom Environments are back!

You can now select the PHP version or MySQL version when creating/importing
sites in Local Lightning.

Connect to WP Engine Improvements

  • Added Windows Support
  • Database Pushing

Other Improvements

  • Disabled WP-CLI self updates. The WP-CLI version is now directly tied
    to the version in Local.
  • Site Connections to WP Engine or Flywheel are now removed when logging
    out of WP Engine or Flywheel respectively

Bug Fixes

  • Change Domain should no longer persist when clicking on the
    “Change Domain” button
  • Fixed issue where environments outside of Production weren’t selectable
    when pushing or pulling from WP Engine

Third-party Dependencies

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