Local by flywheel and Saas Compiling SCSS too long on live preview

I’ve been using Local for almost 2 years and never had this issue before. I am using Prepros to compile my SCSS on Local Flywheel Wordpress themes and currently, I am experiencing an issue that is quite slowing my development and it really frustrating, live preview on style changes loads after more than 7-10 seconds. I’ve tried multiple tests regarding this issue to see if this problem will exist on another platform or even without it and everything works normally ( I have instant change’s on live preview style ). Network Performance is super slow check this image

Using Windows and I have 3.2.1 version of Local by Flywheel.

This is what I tried so far:
Updating to latest
Reinstalling Local by flywheel
I tried the last 4 versions of Local by flywheel
Reinstalling windows ( On this I had normal performance only for a few days, now the issue is back, weird kinda…)

Also, I tried on Wamp Xamp and Laragon it works normally with instant changes on live preview, the problem is obviously is not Prepros and it has something with Local by flywheel and my machine I assume.