Local Site Sometimes has Green Dot when off

A specific Local site tends to be showing up as “on” with the green dot in the sites list even when, according to the button in the upper-right when the site is selected, it appears to be off:

I can also verify that the site isn’t running at these times by going to its URL and seeing the Local router message instead of the actual site. So it appears that there is a consistent GUI problem in Local for this specific site. This has happened several times both before and now after the latest 6.7.1 update, but only ever to this one site. I believe this only started happening a few weeks ago, and I cannot pinpoint exactly why it is happening. Any idea what is going on, or if this is a known bug of some sort?

This kind of behavior is usually due to a corrupted sites.json file, as mentioned in this thread on MacOS (Start/Stop site weird behaviour - #4 by ramizmanked), and this earlier one on Windows (Local UI shows cloned sites as running even when stopped).

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The hint about the "__typename": "Site" attribute in sites.json seems to have fixed the issue for me, at least for the moment.


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