Local sites do not display websites

My websites are not showing up on local sites, I don’t know how to restore it, please help me?

Hi @LuyenDev

Sometimes this can happen with system updates, crashes, etc.

If you follow the steps on the article below in the section Restore from only Local site files you should be able to get these back into Local and running.

I don’t have a zip file, now how can I import it, as the image provides, now I only have web directories but it doesn’t show up in Local sites

The zip file will be the one you create using the site files available.

Existing website doesn’t have sql file, import it gives error

Are you zipping up the entire folder with the SQL file in it? Or is the SQL file missing?

The web directory is not named SQL

zip file import failed

Were you able to zip it up with a SQL file? Or what all do you have in the zip?

SQL file where is it saved in the folder, I can’t find it

It should be in the app folder. Per the help article above you should be able to zip up the app and logs folders together to create a zip that will import.

It doesn’t exist, now how do I recover if there is no SQL file

Hi @LuyenDev

You won’t be able to do a traditional restore without the SQL files. You could create a new site in Local and then replace the WP-Content manually to at least restore that portion but you’ll be missing anything from that original database.

By chance did you utilize our Cloud Backups feature at all? If not, this would be a great tool to utilize in the future to help protect against this scenario.

Cloud Backups

Or if you’ve used a Windows Backup Time Machine before, you might be able to try this:

Can you tell me why the website is not appearing here?

I have a lot of websites, is it gone now?

There could be multiple reasons for this but something initiated from your machine like an update, crash, infection, or maybe you ran some type of app cleanup or remover program?

If you go through your site files from your original screenshots are all of them missing the SQL? If they still have their WP-Content you can at least recover those files.

They all have WP files, but 99% don’t have SQL files

If that’s the case, then you’ll be back to my comments here:

You can at least salvage WP-Content unless you have backups of the sites saved with a host, external storage, or can use the Windows Backup method to recover. Moving forward any sites that do have a SQL you could try to zip and import to get those back in, and then you can enable and set up our Cloud Backups feature to start saving your work as you go.

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