Local Very slow on Win10

I have just recently started using Local, was using Xampp before, but I find it to be very sloooooow.
Once the Local Admin panel is open, I start my site, click on the Admin button and it takes 30 to 40 seconds to open, Then to open any pages takes 10 to 15 sec.
I have enabled Faster Docker and IPv6 Loopback, but makes no difference.
I am running Win10 Pro 64bit, with latest updates, i7 core, 8GB Ram, SSD Drive
With Xampp it takes less than 5sec to open the site.
Any ideas on what is causing the slow down.

Hi Terry,

Sorry for the slowdown!

If you go to Preferences » Advanced again, it Faster Docker Volumes still enabled? Based off of how long it’s taking to load, it sounds like it’s not able to successfully turn on.

See Slow on Windows 10

Hi clay
Have checked and it is still enabled, have also added an exception in avast for Winfsd, but has made no difference, still very slow to open.
Thanks for your help anyway


Got it, thanks for checking!

Can you please install https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/ on the site and provide screenshots of what you see?