Lost database after computer restart

I had restarted my computer and afterwards one of my installs could not connect to the database. Running a mysql start/restart command via SSH failed and the sql directory of the install is now completely empty.

Poking around the forum I didn’t find anything that was helpful as I was not getting an error saying my install was too full like most people.

I can’t access adminer to import a backup of the database that I got from the live site (thank god I had that).

Is this install just toast and I am SOL here?

As someone who builds custom themes for agencies and has over 200 sites in MAMP this is pretty concerning. Is Local a tool that will be able to handle volume?

I really like using it so far and the UI is way better than MAMP, but will Local be able to handle a large load as time progresses?

Hi RJ,

As of Local 2.0 the VM being full issue has mostly been resolved since we dramatically increased the size of the VirtualBox disk.

There may be InnoDB corruption with the database. The easiest way to tell is to check the MySQL log under the logs directory for that site.

One thing we are focusing on in the future is building automatic backups/snapshots and then eventually remote backups in Local Pro.