Low Battery alert on startup... not a laptop

I think all the time - but maybe just most of the time - I get a Mac notification from Local about “Low Battery”… but I’m on an iMac…

Any ideas?

I updated to latest version of Local and OS X Mojave, and it’s still happening… this time I was able to snag a screenshot: https://cl.ly/efb5b4972420

Hey @cliff, that’s really weird. Thanks for reporting this issue and including a screenshot. We’ll look into it!

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I know this is 4 months old but I am getting the exact same message every time I launch Local. I’m also running the software on iMac and not a laptop.

I just got done upgrading to v3.0.4 and I still get this message on start up. It’s weird. It doesn’t seem to prevent the software from running thankfully. :wink:

Has anyone figured out or received an answer to this issue, it’s still happening for me and I see no answers.

It’s no longer happening for me on latest versions - not for several months.

I have just reinstalled local 3.0.4 and I am still getting low battery all sites are shutting down. s there any fix in the works?

It happens to me with Local 3.0.4 in MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. My system is a GA-Z170X-UD5 TH set up as a Hackintosh.

With a Hackintosh, you have to accept some anomalies. But it’s interesting to hear that other people are seeing the same thing. If I disconnect the USB cable to the UPS, the message doesn’t appear (because there is no battery).

Is your iMac also connected to a UPS?


Interesting to hear about the UPS! We have an item in our backlog to look into this.

How frequently is this notification popping up?

In my case, the notification pops up whenever I launch Local.

But I only see it on the Hackintosh, and only with the UPS connected. It doesn’t happen on my MacBook Pro, regardless of whether or not the power is connected.

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Ah yes. I’ve had a UPS all this time. Wondering why it just stopped sending me these alerts though

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