Move Sites Between Flywheel & Local (Development Workflow)

I have to assume this is on the roadmap but it would be great to have true Development, Staging, Production workflow using Local. The ideal process would be:

Login to Flywheel from Local
Download a current production or staging site (or create a new project if neither exist). (Local <- Flywheel )
Make changes on development as intended. (Local)
Push changes from Local to Staging (Local -> Flywheel)
Push staging to production within Flywheel. (Flywheel)

p.s. - Is there an official roadmap?

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Amen! That would be extremely useful. I’m struggling with the same right now.

Yes please.

I feel without this option the staging environment can not be accessed in the workflow with out first:

  • pushing from local to live then pulling live to staging ( This is not very intuitive)
  • or manually uploading changes from local to staging via sftp ( slow and isolated from the local / push / pull functionality ).

This would be perfect!
Pull und Push to online staging directly.

additional: having backups of local dev environment with easy switch back and forward (automatic and manuel)

additional2: sync local dev environment between 2 or more Computers (persons) files and databses

additional3: load Online Backup to local dev

Would really like to see this flow - are there plans to implement this?

This would be an awesome addition I am wanting to do the same workflow. Local–>Staging–>Production

That would be extremely helpful, to choose to which environment local changes should be pushed to.

Our current workflow looks like this and it’s a bummer that we can’t use the push feature from local by flywheel anymore (due to enabling the stage). Theme and plugin related code lives in gitlab.

  1. Push changes to gitlab
  2. Continuous deployment from gitlab to stage via sftp
  3. Manual DB push from local machine to stage
  4. Manually move changes from stage to production via button in flywheel dashboard