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MySQL fails to bind socket - Unable to provision any site

Bug Summary

Fresh install of local. After first run and rebooting computer. Local can no longer provision any sites due to a MySQL socket binding error. Seems to be permission-related.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Install local.
  2. Create a new site.
  3. Fail to provision any kind of site.

Environment Info

  • Windows 10 Home edition, Version 21H2 (OS Version 22000.184)
  • Local Version 6.1.2+5473
  • Any site software results in the same error.

Supporting info

local-lightning.log (29.2 KB)

For some reason it seems like local tries to place data in the appdata folder of another user of the OS (Ik Ad****rd). The user producing the above logs has username “localdeveloper”.